Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SOA Fundamentals Course on Udemy

I am producing a course for Udemy called "SOA Fundamentals".  Here is the Introduction...

The course will cover a Glossary of Service Oriented Computing and Service Oriented Architecutre terms, concepts, design patterns on the technical side and the SOA Manifesto, Strategic Goals and Software Development Lifecycle on the business and management side.

The course will be about 6 or 7 lectures and a list of references.

The course will include as one of the primary teaching tools, a comprehensive exam on the fundamentals that will prepare the students for one of the SOA Certification exams from Oracle, IBM, Zapthing or SOASchools.

Service Oriented Architecture is the basis for O4IPaaS and many of the examples in the course will be based on application of O4IPaaS tools and principles, as well as the major Vendor's products like IBM Message Broker, WSRR, and Open Source products like Mule.



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